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. check it out. 1% higher on the industrial average. technology among the better performers. you have the nasdaq composite up 42 points, that's 1.5%. s&p 500 looks like this. nasdaq at the highest levels of the afternoon right now. s&p, very close to it. up about 15 points. better than 1%. >> pretty good gains. let's dig deeper into the rally, what we can expect from the jobs numbers tomorrow. >> gentlemen, good to see you. thanks for joining us. gary, let me kick this off with you. you think market rally today is sustainable? >> well -- hi, maria. yeah, thank you. you know, it's kind of a combination of a good technical and fundamental rally. you know, a great confluence, almost a perfect confluence of positive economic numbers this morning. jobless claims, payroll, productivity, consumer confidence, manufacturing. all pointing to a, you know, a steady recovery. you got china on top of that with their gdp improving. so it's given the market a lot more confidence as far as the stability of our recovery. >> dan, what do you think of this rally? especially on the first day of a new mont
, what are you talking about? >> it's, again shows the diversification, insurance, technology companies, it's medical companies, it's a whole gamut of companies that are down here, and everybody's being very resourceful, working from home, finding other spaces. we're helping them find space, talking to our tenants on an hourly basis literally trying to work with them, work with other companies who may have excess space in our buildings. we have vacant space ourselves and working with other industry trade groups like the real estate board and the alliance for downtown and my association and the partnership to help lend a hand to companies that really need a temporary space until they can move back in. >> getting back to business, is it going to be weeks, several weeks, months, what do you think? what does your gut tell you? >> depends on the buildings. we have one building as soon as they turn the power on at one batt we'll open that up. other buildings down here could take a few more weeks, depends. we're assessing it right now, pumping out the water out. it's hard to give you an estima
to be on changeover technology. you want to be up fully when you start trading. >> obviously new york prides itself on being the center of the world. that can cut both ways. is it right in your view when there's a storm that hits one city that nobody can trade stocks for a couple of days? >> well, you know, unfortunately still, you know, a lot of the banks, a lot of the biggest dealers are still located here. they play a big role in bringing liquidity. their people provide liquidity in the markets. again, yes, the exchanges are located here. new york is an important place for the trading community. >> what about diversification or changes that we may see to these models going forward? any lessons learned or differences that you would expect in the coming year as a result of this shutdown? >> yeah, i do. the exchanges, both nasdaq and nyse, have duplicate data centers. the nyse, i think, is running on a different power generation. so i think the -- people will, just as they learned, the worst can happen. they're going to double check these systems. probably the second thing is that the dealers as we
continuing to innovate. there are lots of companies in the technology space that show innovation. apple is one of those companies. the question is whether this is an entry point. it has a lot to do with how much you earn. the pullback has been opportunities for investors looking to get in. it might be the right time to invest. but you have to be concerned about the earnings growth going forward. >> bob, i noticed the sectors and how they've performed this week. it really has the feel of a sandy effect. utilities and consumer staples have been the weakest perform thers week. terms have done better. the anticipation of rebuilding and the hit that the utilities have taken right now still feels like it's the aftermath of the storm here. >> we're in a slightly different -- the cause of qe-3, it has created some whacky distortions in the market. it's again affecting the market today. when we got a better than expected payroll report, which i think is certainly good news, the dollar rallied because there's less likelihood of qe-3. that would be dollar positive. well, you know, that might be go
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4